Design Process

Fratantoni Design has an experienced team of designers with perfected systems that allow us to take on multiple projects all over the world. We monitor every detail when designing your home to ensure your needs are fulfilled regardless of what city you live in. Don’t hesitate to call us to talk more about our process.


Whether your project is local or not, we will travel to your home (regardless of the city) for our first meeting to review all your ideas and see your lot.

Fratantoni Design is based in Scottsdale, Arizona but that doesn’t stop us from designing homes all over the country. Our home designs are in high demand because families like the style of homes we design, and their local designers don’t have the experience and or knowledge necessary to design homes like ours.

Initial Meeting

At our initial meeting, we will review a questionnaire we give all of our families to fill out. This questionnaire is invaluable to us because it tells us everything about your family’s needs. When starting new home plans the more our designers know about your likes and dislikes the better your home plans will turn out!

Plan Design

Our plan designers will then go to work to draw some box plans to review with you. These box plans will show you how your home will fit on your lot and will also show different variations of your home on your lot. This is important to a family because they want to know what specific rooms will look like on

both sides of the lot to maximize the potential views and or function of the home. Things like where the garages are located are very important to explore with the box plans. Are the views better or worse if we put the master on the right or left side of the home.

During this phase, we will have regularly scheduled meetings to go over CAD drawings through Skype or phone conferences. After we agree on the general locations of rooms we will then go to work to draw the floor plan and elevations for your new home. Once we get the green light on those plans we will then design the ceilings!

Final Phase of Design

When all the phases of design are completed then it is time for our firm to get your plans ready to submit to your city for plan reviews! Each state varies on how long they will take to pull permit for your builder.

Builder and Interior Designer Integration 

As your home is being built, should your builder or interior designer have questions, we are here for them. In general, we communicate all the time with builders and interior designers throughout the states to make sure they feel like they have a support system in place!