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At Fratantoni Design, we create luxurious and opulent homes around the world. Our world-class residential architecture firm is second to none. Fully staffed with highly-experienced and licensed professionals, ready to create lavish and cutting-edge homes for distinguished luminaries and private clientele. With over 30 years of experience, we have the skill and creativity to achieve any style home, anywhere in the world. Put yourself in our White Glove, first-class concierge service, peruse our extensive portfolio rich with high-end style and meticulous details, and come to know the timeless elegance that The Fratantoni Experience can bring you.

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Second Kitchen

Why you Should Consider Having a Second Kitchen

A trend we have seen a lot lately is homes having 1.5 kitchens. Here’s why you should consider having a second kitchen in your home. Why you consider having a second kitchen A second smaller kitchen adjacent to the main kitchen also known as a prep kitchen or scullery is coming back into style in…

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Remod or Build New

Remodeling or Building New

Are you trying to decide between remodeling or building new? There is a lot to consider when starting a new build or remodel. Here are some tips on how to decide which will be best for you. Remodeling or Building New Deciding to remodel versus building a new home can be a daunting decision. We’re…

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Design a Home for Entertaining

How to Design a Home for Entertaining

Some people were born to host parties. If this describes you, your home must be able to cater to large groups of people effortlessly. Here are some tips on how to design a home for entertaining. How to Design a Home for Entertaining There are a lot of ways to make sure your space is…

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