Land Analysis

Fratantoni Design will meticulously review each of the lots being considered as a location for your dream home. We will provide an analysis of each of the surrounding lots and let you know how your views will be affected. If there is a home under construction, which may affect your lot, we will research and gather information to determine exactly what the impact may be. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a lot. 

  • How much should I spend on my lot? 
  • How does it compare to the lots listed around me? 
  • Am I getting the best value for my purchase? 
  • Is there enough land to support what my family needs? 

Based on our thorough evaluation, you can rest assured we will be by your side to help you get the most out of your lot purchase. Additionally, our in-house licensed real estate agents, The Fratantoni Group, have access to all available lots for sale and can represent you in the purchase of your lot. Let Fratantoni Luxury Estates help find the right fit for your family!