Material Selction
Material Purchases

Through the services provided over the years, we have cultivated relationships with craftsmen and custom-goods manufacturers to bring you the best deals on quality materials and customized features to enhance the quality of your home. These trades travel with us no matter where we go and we can replicate any design we currently feature. All of our materials are hand-selected, and our multiple projects around the world help keep both labor and material cost at competitive rates. As such, we are unable to accommodate smaller tasks, but will happily review your project to evaluate whether it is large enough to utilize these services.

By signing up with our partner company, Fratantoni Interior Designers, we can ensure the interior of your home reflects the magnificence and beauty of your home, giving it a unique and customized feel. Any Architectural products, designs, and floor plans seen on any of our luxury custom homes can be purchased from our company and delivered to your local builder. Whether it be tile, cabinetry, molding, doors, fixtures, or fireplaces, we guarantee the highest-quality materials will be shipped to your door and installed by a team of our skilled tradesmen, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, Fratantoni Interior Designers has an online furniture, lighting, and accessories store to help accessorize your home ( Whether we are completing the final touches on your new home, or helping to renovate an existing space, The Fratantoni Experience is tailored to provide first-class treatment to both yourself and your home.