At Fratantoni Design, we take pride in our work, monitoring every detail during the planning and construction of your home to ensure your needs are fulfilled, regardless of your location. Our process, in combination with our team of world-class architects, will design floor plans and details that have the elegance and luxury you deserve in your new home.

Initial Meeting

At our initial meeting, we will give you a questionnaire, generated to understand you and your family’s needs, desires, and lifestyle. Through it, our team will have a better idea of how to situate your house, which rooms hold the most importance, and the style that best represents you. The more our designers can learn about your likes and dislikes, the closer their blueprints will be to the home you envision.


As part of The Fratantoni Experience, we make ourselves available to our clients, no matter where the home is being built. As such, we will travel to the location to view the property for our first meeting, to ensure we understand the terrain, the dynamic views of the surrounding area, and your vision for your home. Our homes are in high demand because of the attention to detail we give each home, ensuring a unique, custom-made palace for you to call your own.

Plan Design

Once we understand the important rooms, layout, and style of the home you desire, our team of world-class architects will go to work, first generating the floor plans reflecting the layout, then creating the exterior elevations. After every feature is approved by you, we will move on to the ceiling and roof, ensuring that each aspect of the plan represents the elegance and luxury you deserve. From there, we incorporate the electrical system, making sure every outlet and light fixture is optimized per your specifications, and then finalizing the landscaping features, so you can visualize where your future pool, spa, and pavers will be.

Final Phase of Design

After you have approved every aspect of the plan, our firm will draw up the paperwork needed to submit the blueprints for review. While each location varies on how long it will take to pull the permit for the builder, our streamlined process and hands-on approach guarantees that it happens quickly for your ease and convenience.

Builder and Interior Designer Integration

Our White Glove service does not stop once the permits have been issued. As part of the Fratantoni Experience, we put ourselves at the service of your builder and interior designer, ensuring any question they have is answered promptly and with meticulous details, ensuring that the home we planned matches your hopes and expectations.