Toll Brothers at Windgate Ranch

Toll Brothers at Windgate Ranch

Toll Brothers at Windgate Ranch did an outstanding job in creating a well sought after neighborhood nestled in the McDowell Mountains. The base cost of a home within this community will cost you between $611,000 and $915,000. Not a bad price to be into a beautiful home for in North Scottsdale, however, there are a few essential elements missing in the base price of these homes that buyers (you) should be aware of. The base price does not include interior/exterior material selections like flooring, lighting fixtures, landscape design/development, pool design/development, just to name a few missing items.

Why do you need our help?

We have designed several Toll Brothers homes and know how to create genuine one of a kind homes within our client’s budget. From material selections to designing your pool and landscaping, we know what it takes to turn a Toll Brothers home into a home of your own. There are many different ways to customize a house with Toll Brothers but with us you will save money, energy, and have a home that is different from all of your neighbors.

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Toll Brothers Communities at Windgate Ranch

Ocotillo Collection (Starting at $611,000)


Cassia Collection (Starting at $622,000)

Toll Brothers at Windgate Ranch

Desert Willow Collection (Starting at $915,000)

Toll Brothers at Windgate Ranch