What Makes a House a Home?


Choosing an architect to design your house can sometimes be a difficult process. It is hard to entrust strangers with the task of reflecting your vision for the ultimate dream home. When it comes to the design process of building a home, open and honest communication between architect and client is an absolute necessity. This foundation of collaboration and imagination is what can truly make a house come to life. The Fratantoni Design team recognizes the importance of building beyond a bunch of bricks, and captures the essence of a home that reflects who you are and what you desire most.


The things we fill our home with and the memories we make connected to it are just as significant as the architecture. It is easy to assume self-expression is more attached to the interior decorating process, but by building and designing a home custom tailored to your ideas and personality, you allow for that expression on the outside as well. The difference between a house and a home is the comfortability and sense of belonging we feel as we pull into the driveway. The Fratantoni Design team knows how important that emotion is and ensures you will feel at home every time you walk towards the front door.


Some elements of strong architecture are unique spatial arrangements, maximizing natural light and the quality and functionality of materials used. These elements are timeless, and whether you are going for a modern look or century old design, the Fratantoni Design team is extremely efficient in interpreting these elements and molding them into your home. Just as living spaces and designs can be diverse, our architects remain open-minded and excited to create a distinctive design explicitly for you.

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