This magnificent estate was designed for a family in Silverleaf that wanted an Italian exterior style with a modern French interior design! They met many architecture firms to find just the right team to create their new home and decided on Fratantoni Design.  They said that one thing about us was that we were very approachable, and it made them feel comfortable with us. Also, they felt most firms they met had more of a commercial cold feel to them. I guess you could say our staff made them feel welcomed and gave them a warm and cozy feeling. This is known as the Fratantoni experience!

Unique Details

The family for this home walked into the Principle’s own home and said, “We love this home, and would you consider designing our home with the same exterior and interior?”. The principles of Fratantoni Design were so excited for the family because they had the exact tastes as their own!  Obviously, we put a twist on the designs for this family to make sure their home was unique to them and fit all their needs. One of the many beautiful details about this home is the sophistically detailed stone carvings and stone surrounds on the exterior of the home. Along with all the different window shapes and sizes to give this estate a grand look.


Fratantoni Design has a design process for a family’s plans like no other. We meticulously detail a family’s needs through our lengthy questionnaire and then get to work creating a plan. Our firm knows really listening and understanding how a family lives in a home is the key to creating a plan they feel comfortable living in. We are steady with time and scheduling as to not hold up the build process however we will not sacrifice quality for time when designing plans. After plans are permitted, we stay close to the builder of choice to make sure our family’s dream home becomes a reality. Traveling and doing inspections as a family’s home is being built is part of what we do, and we look at this part of our job as consultants to the family to make sure they have someone on their side to talk to their builder.