This is the 5th home that I have built and I have never experienced this level of professionalism or this level of creativity ever! When we started this project I had a certain level of expectation and needless to say my expectations have been greatly exceeded. If you are looking for a first-class organization to work with, then you have found the right spot and will see nothing less than all of your interior design dreams come true.


When we first decided to build our home in Hawaii we were discouraged to find that the local architects weren’t quite what we were looking for. Luckily, my wife and I found Fratantoni Design!! We were a little hesitant at first with the idea of hiring an architect in a different state, but Sam and his team quickly put our minds at ease. From accommodating to our time difference to speedy revisions over email, they have gone above and beyond any expectation, we had in regards to working with an architect. Their big portfolio of homes also drew us to hire them! We highly recommend hiring Fratantoni Design, they turned our dream into a reality and we are so thankful!


Fratantoni Design has made the building of our new home fun, easy and pretty much stress-free. From our collaboration on their unique layout process (fun) all the way to this last completion phase, we have been able to watch our new home take shape with total confidence that it was going to be well-designed, well-built and beautiful. Josie and Sam and their entire talented, professional and courteous staff are the best!

We were blessed to find Fratantoni Design after our home burned a few years ago. Though this journey was unplanned and began with unpleasant circumstances, we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you, Josie and Sam, for making it all possible.


We have hired Fratantoni Design to do our construction and interior design on our new home. We are 6 months into our project and we feel so blessed that their company is in charge. Sam and Josie and their associates are so professional and knowledgeable. We are very excited that we have contracted this company to do our house. We feel that all of our needs are being met and our expectations have been exceeded by their company. It is a joy to work with everyone at Fratantoni Design.


Josie really listens to learn your specific style and color preferences and designs your entire home to compliment your lifestyle while incorporating special touches that makes it uniquely yours. Josie draws upon her extensive experience and familiarity with and knowledge of numerous quality suppliers/vendors to quickly visualize your description and provides examples of her vision to help gain alignment on preferences and turn them into satisfying decisions. Josie’s design, color, and material choices when combined to create our design look far exceeded our expectations. We absolutely love our new house.


While searching for the right architect for my family’s new home, I found Fratantoni Design and was sold immediately by their portfolio. They went through a step-by-step process with us from the initial plan design to plan completion. Fratantoni Design is professional, organized and gets things done in a timely manner. They made what could have been a stressful experience into an exciting one.


The entire Fratantoni Design team was such a pleasure to work with and was able to professionally articulate the answers to all our questions and concerns, which put us at ease. We were able to put our full trust in them due to their years of experience and their ability to design any style home anywhere in the world. Fratantoni Design is truly the only way to go when designing your dream home.


Fratantoni Design has the ability to take the vision of your future home, enhance it and then make it a reality. Their attention to detail is cutting edge, and their design is dramatic! We had such a wonderful and smooth process with Fratantoni Design that we have and will continue to highly recommend them!


I consider Fratantoni Design to be a premier architecture firm! What really drew me to them is the fact that they are a full-service company. With my hectic schedule, it was such a relief knowing that all my needs could be taken care of under one roof. Fratantoni Design not only did the architecture for my home, they also built and did all the interior design work. You can see and feel how cohesively my home has come together and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!